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Who we are

CEDI is a leading consulting company with expertise on public sector digitization in Denmark. We provide strategic consulting to government and it-industry based on solid insight into the subjects of digitization and technology coupled with extensive knowledge about the administrative and decision-making processes of government agencies as well as a deep understanding of the overarching political agenda within the domain.

CEDI provides services mainly within the following areas:

Consulting - CEDI's core business is management consulting and analysis within e-government, administration and management. Deliverables within our portfolio include performance contracts for public sector agencies, user surveys, business cases, mapping of complex domains, stakeholder analysis and market analysis.

Networking - Since 2007 we have maintained a community of 10 thriving networking groups that bring together 250 practitioners and decision makers from central and local government as well as from the it-industry. The activities of individual groups are planned and executed in accordance with the wishes of members of the groups as a result of an ongoing dialogue.

Newsletter - CEDI maintains several sources of current information, news and insight on public sector digitization via our publicly available e-mail newsletter as through social media channels. A free subscription to our newsletter constitutes a significant contribution to keeping up to date on significant events within public sector digitization. The newsletter is in Danish.